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Bing de-indexing update

We are now on day three of The New Leaf Journal being excluded from Bing's search index, with no further clues about why. On my end, I guessed what the two issues could have been (not that either would have justified this extreme action) and resolved them. In the end, what Bing does or does not do is out of my hands, but what is within my power is to make The New Leaf Journal the best site it can be.

While I continue to wait for a response from one of the Chinese Communist Party's global censorship partners, I did note something interesting in DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo, like many "alternative" search tools, is effectively an alternative (better) front-end for Bing. If Bing blacklists a site, it is also blacklisted from DuckDuckGo. I noted in my previous Bearblog post that this was a bigger problem in our case than Bing itself. We are indeed excluded from web search results in DuckDuckGo. However, we still show up in some image search results. Interesting, albeit confusing.

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