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Open Source Simple Mobile Tools Alternatives

Simple Mobile Tools is a suite of free and open source android apps designed to replace Google’s default apps. However, “free and open source” will likely be a thing of the past after Simple Mobile Tools was acquired by ZippoApps. I used a few Simple Mobile apps back when I wrote a review of F-Droid apps in 2021, but I was fortunately not using any at the time of the ZippoApps news. One of the main contributors to Simple Mobile Tools who was not involved in the decision to sell the suite to an adware company forked the project. The fork looks like a good option for people who want to keep using the Simple Mobile Tools suite. Since I was not using any of the apps, I thought I would note what I use instead. Before continuing, do note that my phone runs LineageOS and I do not use any closed source apps, so your mileage with my set-up may vary if you use a flavor of stock Android.

(Note: If you installed the apps from F-Droid, they will likely just stop receiving updates. If you installed from Google Play, I would strongly recommend looking for alternatives before ZippoApps provides undesired updates, provided you do not desire updates from ZippoApps.

See the suite frozen as of December 6, 2023.

There you have it. I fear my suggestions may not be helpful to everyone because of my particular phone set-up and usage, but I hope that the suggestions I was able to offer help point some disappointed Simple Mobile Tools users who are not following the new fork in the right direction. I conclude by offering one non-Simple Mobile Tools suggestion: Take a look at Obtainium for installing open source apps directly from source if you do not source your apps from Google Play Store. I have been using it for a few months and am impressed thus far.

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