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Ghostwriter-Pandoc Issue and Fix

I use the Ghostwriter markdown editor (see my Ghostwriter review) to draft articles for The New Leaf Journal and briefs and memoranda for my day job as a legal research specialist. In both cases, I have to convert my documents from markdown. I convert New Leaf Journal articles to .odt for editing while I convert my legal work to to .docx. (See my article on my New Leaf Journal workflow.)

Since switching to Linux in 2020, I have used Arch-based Linux distributions. I began using Ghostwriter on Manjaro after my experiences using markdown to compose our Buttondown-powered newsletters inspired me to begin working in markdown. I moved from Manjaro to Arch's closer cousin, EndeavourOS, in August 2022, where I remain today.

Ghostwriter has generally worked for me without issues. Early on, I had an issue with it sometimes not connecting to Pandoc, but that went away at some point. Since KDE took over development of Ghostwriter things were largely flawless. However, a few days ago, I noticed after updating either Pandoc or KDE (I did not catch which) that Ghostwriter was no longer recognizing Pandoc as a conversion option. This was a mild problem for me because I never took the time to learn the Pandoc CLI syntax (I really should get around to that). I could use MultiMarkdown to convert to .odt, but that vitiated many of my markdown formatting choices.

However, before I had to deal with the issue for a work project, Pandoc returned as a conversion option after something was updated. Problem solved. It only proved to be a pain in the case of one somewhat long article wherein I had to re-do some of my formatting in Libre Office Writer.

If you enjoy strange Ghostwriter issues, take a trip back in time to learn about a segfault issue I had on a fresh Manjaro install in 2021.

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