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New Custom Bearblog Domain

I published my previous Bearblog post (it has been a while) back in the middle of the spring anime season (see post). The year is coming to an end. Despite my having written in that post that there was no clear anime of the year front-runner as of the middle of the spring season, my current front-runner for anime of the year (expect my New Leaf Journal year in review at the end of December or early January) is from that very spring season (see my 2022 review).

But I digress.

Since last posting here, I acquired the domain to use for my new social publishing site. Because I paid the small fee for extra Bearblog features, I figured that I may as well use it here too. Thus, my new main domain here is For anyone considering using their own domain with Bearblog, I will say that the set-up process works exactly as advertised in the docs.

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